Ignatius Piazza

Shotgun Training

Shotgun training in America and the world continues to grow more and more important each year that more and more people partake in sport shooting. Whether a person is elk hunting, bear hunting, deer hunting or even skeet shooting, shotgun training is a necessity. Simply pulling the trigger and pointing the shotgun at the target is not enough. The shooter has to understand all parts of the shotgun and all parts of shotgun training.

For proper shotgun training, a person should seek out qualified professionals for guidance and learning. The most qualified professionals of our time is Dr. Ignatius Piazza and the trainers at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, located about 40 minutes North West of Nevada. Started in 1996 by Dr. Piazza, Front Sight now trains more students each year than all other firearms training schools in America combined. Whether a person is looking for handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, or other form of firearms training, Front Sight is the place to go. Many law enforcement professionals go to Front Sight after retirement to continue to serve the public through providing their expertise regarding firearms.

By teaching others shotgun training, Front Sight and Dr. Piazza are continuing to decrease the number of hunting and sport shooting accidents every year. Since it began in 1996, due to the overwhelming success of the courses, the attendance at Front Sight continues to double every year. So whether you are looking for shotgun training for sport shooting, or simply to learn how to properly defend oneself with a shotgun or other firearm, Front Sight is the place to go.

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