Ignatius Piazza

Self Defense Training Isn't For Machos, Neither is Firearms Training

Imagine you're back in fourth grade and the school bully is getting on your case like he always does. What do you think to yourself? Get self defense training! Maybe you would go to your big brother, maybe you would go to a cousin or uncle or your father, but most people wouldn't just accept the bullying, they'd figure out some way to stop it from happening. And what's the first thing to do? Get training! Get trained in how to prevent bad things happening to your body.

Imagine now that you come to the realization that life in America is getting unsafe, what with all the gun-related attacks and violent crime on the rise. So what do you do? Get self defense training – with a gun! That's right, self defense training with firearms. Gun training IS self defense training. That's Front Sight's philosophy at least. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, that is. Front Sight is the world's leader in firearms self defense training. Their approach to gun training is that if individuals receive proper, adequate firearms training, they become able to handle a gun, protect themselves with and/or against a gun and confront a gun-related situation.

Front Sight's founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a firm advocate of everyone receiving firearms training. Obviously, he would like people to receive his training at Front Sight, but he cares more about people getting trained at all more than where. He wants America to be safe, and he knows that self defense training, firearms self defense training is what is needed for that.

Dr. Piazza is sick of an America in which all Americans fear firearms. He is ready to make an America which doesn't fear the one thing that could keep them safe in the times of a most dire emergency.

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