Ignatius Piazza

Rifle Training

Rifle training is not necessarily the first thing on a persons mind when he purchases a rifle. In the past, rifles were used primarily for sport hunting and the safety rules primarily regarded the wear of safety vests and not shooting another person. Not much emphasis was put on the safety of the rifle itself. However, as time goes by and the rate of violence increases in society, so does the need for proper firearms training. Firearms training courses, such as rifle training, shotgun training, and handgun training have become more and more popular.

One place that continues to strive to provide the absolute best rifle training courses is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight attendance has continued to double every year. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that the institute was started with just a credit card and one man’s vision. Today, Front Sight has multiple courses designed to educate individuals on not only rifle training and other firearms training, but on concealed carry training, knife training, and self defense training. This is because Dr. Piazza understands that American citizens now want to attend training courses so that they may be proactive against terrorist attacks. These individuals do not want to cause problems in society, they want to protect society from those who are causing the problems.

Front Sight continues to grow more and more popular with each passing day due to the overwhelming expertise and positive results displayed throughout the years. With the proper rifle training, such as that provided by Front Sight, one can enjoy firearms sports and everyday life with a little more comfort.

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