Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza is the Man All Gun Owners Turn To

Ignatius Piazza is the name of a man gun owners have considered their finest asset in the fight to own guns. Supporters of effective, safe, responsible gun training have come to realize that the firearms training that Dr. Ignatius Piazza and his shooting school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, provide proves that there is such a thing as a safe gun user. Front Sight's gun training is a perfect example of how not scary firearms really are. Front Sight's philosophy is that while many things could be potentially dangerous or frightening; cars, planes, knives and even coffee grinders, with training those things are less scary – so too can guns be less scary. With proper firearms training, any individual can be made to responsibly carry firearms, and use them as well. Guns shouldn't be scary, they should be tools to protect law-abiding citizens.

According to Handvapen Guiden, a German periodical, Dr. Ignatius Piazza decided to found Front Sight when he was made the victim of a drive-by shooting in his neighborhood in California. Left uninjured, except for his pride, Dr. Piazza huddled for cover while realizing that if such an attack had turned into a home invasion or if something more dangerous had happened, he did not have the training necessary to protect himself or his family, despite the fact that he had spent years at firing ranges. He took off on a grand adventure of sorts, searching for the world's finest gun training. He found it, and with it, after years of training and diligence, he became the world's second Four Weapons Combat Master.

With the years of combined, unique training and experience, he founded Front Sight. Here he decided he would teach gun users from all over America in how to use a gun to actually protect themselves. But that's not where he stopped. Realizing that there wasn't much incentive to go to a shooting school, he decided to make his gun training institute into a world class resort, and thus attract people of all sorts. It worked, Front Sight is a 550-acre world class resort town, complete with one-acre lots for members to build their homes upon.

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