Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight

Front Sight Loved All Over the World

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, featured in this German magazine, is renowned to be America's – and the world's – first gun town. What founder and director of Front Sight – America's leader in gun training – looks forward to for Front Sight is a city, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, where citizens are all but expected to own a firearm. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is certain that if the residents of Front Sight were to not only own firearms, but also be fully trained in their safe, responsible use, Front Sight would be the safest city in America. Well of course it would. Nothing is scary or accidentally lethal once one has training, firearms are the same way.

Front Sight is the highest rated shooting school in America. Its training is top-notch, its instructors – drawn from military, law enforcement, bodyguard and shooting school backgrounds – are world-class and it premises are ideal: 550 acres set aside for a full gated community based around the numerous shooting ranges, 5-story urban tactics training tower, underground search & rescue training grounds, 12,000 square foot martial arts gymnasium, and 170 1-acre lots for residents to build their dream homes upon. Front Sight delivers gun training to more students every year than all other shooting schools combined.

The training which is available at Front Sight is what sets it apart from most other cities which might have pro-gun laws. While some cities in other states have pro-gun laws or regulations, nothing will be like Front Sight, where all the residents will be members of Front Sight's First Family program (the only way to own a lot of land to build on) and therefore be eligible for any training at any time. The gun users and residents of Front Sight, Nevada, will be the most highly trained city dwellers ever. Violent crime won't exist at Front Sight, gun training will handle all that.

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