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Front Sight's Firearms Training is the Finest in the World

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute was featured in a German periodical, Handvapen Guiden. In it, the writer is reported to be a pistol shooter and firearms expert. It is no wonder, then, that the writer is clearly happy with Front Sight and especially its founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Dr. Piazza's project, Front Sight, is the world's finest firearms training institute in the world, a gun training school like no other. Front Sight is the first luxury residential community to be anchored around – instead of a golf course or two – 20 shooting ranges, open twenty-four hours a day. Front Sight's education is far superior to anything available anywhere on the planet. In fact, Front Sight trains more students every year than all other shooting schools in America combined.

Quite a statistic. But don't just take the numbers as proof, take a look at some of these successes from various courses and students.

This has been absolutely eye opening. I have had guns in my family all my life and I have, now, been totally educated. I have improved my shooting skills by leaps and bounds in the last few days. I am now confident that if I applied what I have learned at Front Sight, I can protect my loved ones and myself. Thanks!

- William Jensen, Flooring Installer

It is the best investment I could have made for my family's safety.

- Chris, Business Owner

Go to Front Sight. You get every Penny back in knowledge and skill. The staff is Great.

-Joe Prawdzik, Clinical Training Manager/Mental Health

The training method accommodates every level of experience and physical capabilities. Everyone substantially improves.

-John Metzguer, Insurance Sales

After being here for my second time, I feel the necessity for every person to have this training. It could be the difference between life and death. They have the best instructors and techniques.

-Joshua Raney, Student

As these success clearly show, not only does Front Sight offer the finest firearms training in the world, but also everyone takes it! It's not neo-NAZIs or backwoods rednecks, but students, doctors, laymen! Front Sight offers firearms training for the basic man, for the average law-abiding citizen.

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