Ignatius Piazza

Concealed Carry Training

Concealed carry training courses of today are growing as more and more sought after as the number of firearms purchased continues to increase. Whether a person purchases a rifle, handgun, shotgun or other form of firearm, the need to take a rifle training, handgun training or other form of firearms training class is being accompanied by the need to take a concealed carry training class. Because knowing how to conceal a firearm safely is just as important as knowing how to fire the weapon. Concealed carry permits will allow you to legally have your weapon on your person so that you can use it when you need it.

Understanding proper concealed carry tactics is understood by Dr. Ignatius Piazza and the other trainers at Front Sight, which is why Front Sight continues to offer these courses. While Front Sight doubles the attendance of its firearms training courses, they continue to strive to teach others how to properly handle firearms and conceal them properly. Although the constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, those citizens exercising that right must also understand each states rules and regulations for proper concealed carry regulations. Not obeying state laws regarding concealed carry can result in pretty hefty punishments to those who conceal handguns, rifles, shotguns or other form of firearms illegally.

Dr. Piazza was once quoted as saying that, "when people sit down and look at the security of the country today, they're coming to the realization that if law-abiding citizens are armed and trained, it's a good thing. It's good for our country and our security." This security not only involves firearms training, shotgun training, and rifle training, but also concealed carry training.

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